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Dan Linge - Property Owner

Keystone has been always been a big part of my family's life. My Dad was one of the original investors when the mountain opened for skiing on November 21, 1970. My sister, brother, Mom, and Dad were all there that day when we broke a bottle of champagne on the Argentine Chairlift to christen the opening. In the photo below that is Lisa sitting on the chair (age 12), the woman in the background with the floppy blue hat is my mom, Audrey, and yours truly next to her in the red hat and wrap-around sunglasses (John Kay from Steppenwolf wore them too….LOL).


It was my Dad's love for skiing that got me hooked at a very young age. I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but knew I wanted to go to college in Colorado, because of Keystone, etc. Getting to Keystone from the University of Denver was an easy drive in my Ford Torino. My parents had a smaller condo at that time at Wild Irishman, so it was never a problem to find friends to join me for a weekend in the '70s.

Keystone Opening Day.png

When the River Run area of Keystone was developed in the mid '90's, we sold off the other condos and purchased #8194 Silver Mill. It's the largest condo in the building and has a killer location and easy to walk to the lifts. Being on one level was a plus too.


For the last 37 years my wife Beth and I have raised our kids in Encinitas, CA (San Diego). Also, they were raised on skiing/boarding at Keystone. I've owned this place since 1997 when it was built.


I'm able to offer my 6 FREE DAILY LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE SKI PASSES to friends/guests who rent the condo. It's a great perk and saves a lot of money! I have much sentimental value attached to this area because both of my parents are gone now. Keystone is our second home. After you stay there, you'll feel the same way and will call me every year to rebook. Thanks!

Silver Mill #8194 is a huge 3/3 condo located in the beautiful River Run Village. It's the biggest condo in Silver Mill and it comes full of amenities.

It's also surrounded by all kinds of shops, being at the heart of the village, with just a few yards separating the condo from the ski lifts!

And if that wasn't enough, we offer you 6 FREE DAILY SKI PASSES! They're interchangeable and can be used on both Keystone and Breckenridge ski areas.

Silver Mill Front Entrance.png
Dix on Stix 1.jpg

Thanks to the 6 free ski-lift passes, you will be able to save thousands of dollars when going to ski in the beautiful mountains of Keystone.

Don't let money be an impediment to enjoying the adrenaline of skiing down the snowy mountains.

About Silver Mill #8194


Experience the marvel of skiing on 3 mountains that Keystone offers

Keystone is not the ONLY beautiful view you'll get during your stay in Silver Mill #8194.

Being at the heart of the beautiful River Run Village you'll have access to different kind of activities and amenities that this place can offer to all its visitors.

You won't get even a single moment of boredom while staying with here.

River Run Village.jpg

Enjoy the gorgeous
River Run Village

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